Paris: River, Bridge, Sky / Fleuve, Pont, Ciel

In Paris, thirty-seven bridges span the Seine River as it flows through the city. They are a solid presence between the eternally moving river and the ever-shifting sky. Witnesses to war, revolution and contemporary life, they are icons of the ‘City of Light’. Yet, as man-made structures, their permanence is an illusion. And the life that crosses over them is always changing.

It has been said that of all the cities of the world, Paris has most pervasively entered the popular imagination. Among the most visited places on earth, it certainly one of the most photographed.

Paris is also one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. Yet, along its riverbanks and on its bridges one can witness portentous vistas where the sky opens above the dark waters, and the bridges, in all their variety, form the boundary between earth and sky.

This project was a meditation on the enduring fascination that millions have had with the city and a contemplation of its place at the heart of photography.

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