Threatened and Extinct A paleontologist told me that one reason  he was fascinated by dinosaur fossils was that they provided him with a  benchmark for humans’ tenure on earth. He had learned that each species at the top of the food chain has its turn and it is inevitable that we’ll be stepping  off the stage in a relatively short time. And, largely thanks to us, we won’t be  going alone. Among the creatures already disappeared or threatened with  extinction are examples from every walk of life: Plant and animal; insect, bird, mammal; monkey and ape. Paris’ Museum of National History was  born in the fires of the French Revolution. It includes creatures that once  belonged to the Royal collections. Along one long side of the Grande Galerie de l'Êvolution one finds the Gallery of Threatened and  Extinct Species – 257 of them to be exact. Of some species there are still a few  individuals wild in nature, but the odds are stacked heavily against them. For  others, the specimens in the Gallery are unique – sole examples of their kind  to be seen in the world. As one walks the quiet, darkened gallery  each of these creatures seems to call out – to not be forsaken or forgotten –  or at least shouting the lesson their disappearance brings to us humans. We may never see the likes of them again.

Names of Species:      

Cheval de Przewalski
Singe Araignée
Harpe Feroce
Grand Liévre Marsupix
Tigre de Chine
Gypaéte Barbu
Dendrol - Ague
Gorille de Montagne
Lion du Cap
Lynx d'Europe
Tortues et grenouilles
Gibbon à Casque (male)
Hippotrague Bleu
Kiwi de Mantell
Condor de Californie
Cerf de Schomburgh
Bouquetin de Pyrenées
Tigre de Sumatra
Loutre d'Europe
Colobe Noir
Rat Pilori de Martinique
Lion du Cap
Hapalémar à Nez Épaté
Emeu Noir
Ouef d' Aepyornis

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